Without doubt the biggest focus of the American Truck Show was in recruitment, not only for drivers, but also tow operators.  

Companies were openly displaying their rates on billboards, almost as a carrot for any disgruntled workers to jump ship and sign up. Sign up bonuses were also a big drawcard, with offers of $5000 USD for operators who stayed on for longer than 60 days pretty common.  

I like this open door approach when it comes to rates. Everyone is in it for the payment at the end of the week / month and it gives a sense of transperency to the driver or operator who is signing on with a company to work – they know exactly what they are getting into, and can take that data home and make a decision that is going to suit their own financial requirements.  

Too often in Australian markets its almost a secret what the pay rates are. Sure nobody wants to hand over their profit & loss statements, but why are we so afraid of disclosing the cost of doing business? Its like filling a trolley full of groceries, then having the girl at the register tell you the price when it comes time to pay for it.  

Always know your rates, have them written down and signed off on by both parties before you commit to any work – remember its not your money, its your businesses and it is relying on you to protect it!