American trucks move around 70% of all goods across the US. With more than 100 major metropolitan cities that need servicing, the amount of trucks on the road is staggering.  

More so, trucks are limited to 80,000lbs (36.2 tonne) compared to most B Double units running up and down the east coast that are loading to their max 68.5 tonne and you begin to see just how many trucks are required to service these cities.  

America has 200,000 miles of highways (321,000km) that are all mostly built from concrete. The road network is to be honest, amazing. Free flowing, smooth and overpasses & underpasses to avoid intersections are the standard.  Also to note – trucks are not speed limited. 

I was speaking to one operator who runs 40 trucks, his fleet average speed for the month of July was 71.2mph (114.2kmh) That extra 14kmh doesn’t sound much, but when you’ve got 40 trucks covering an additional 140km a day, its 28,000km a week in revenue that is being gained.