2020At the start of each year we create a list of things we want to accomplish both personally and professionally, however often we wait for the best time, better system, more cash flow or the perfect product or service before taking action and getting things done.  

With 10 months of 2019 gone, are you really where you want to be? Have you achieved the progress you wanted or accomplished what you set out at the beginning of the year? Rather than waiting till another new year, new decade, and creating more resolutions. Now is the best time to take stock and write down all the progress you’ve made, review your business goals, look at where you need to improve, identify what stopped you taking the steps you needed, and then focus on creating solutions and setting intentions to do better.  

Also, remember to include the team, clients suppliers and those close to you when reviewing what worked and what didn’t this year – they may just give you an insight you hadn’t through of.  

Even just a small shift in our planning can have massive outcomes down the line. Are there processes or procedures that can be streamlined, outsourced or cut that would save you time, money and resources? A small change could be just the thing you need to create the major impact you want in 2020, and by identifying them and making changes now, this gets you ahead of the game and hitting the new year with momentum and purpose.